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Of all the poetic forms, literary genre poetry may be the most controversial. After all, extricated verse form and most experimental poetry still contain line breaks. But genre poems often looking like a short brief story or a long (even if poetic) paragraph.

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Critias | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Critias, son of Callaeschrus, an Athenian philosopher, rhetorician, poet, historian, and thought leader, was best known for his leading character in the pro-Spartan government of the cardinal (404-403 BC). But Critias too produced a deep range of complex and was a known author and abstract in his own time. The fragments of 3 tragedies and a deviant play, a accumulation of elegies, books of homilies and aphorisms, a appeal of epideictic speeches, and a number of constitutions of the city-states some in poetry and literary genre all have been passed fallen in the works of later authors.

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