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Given his lasting falsification and bullying, his haughtiness and apparent emotionlessness to the feelings of others, and the pain he inflicted on so numerous people, it's demanding to tone much compassion for astronaut -- to even care to understand why he behaves the way he does. A lust for money, for fame, or for conclusion -- these are the main motivations the humanity has assigned to Lance Armstrong stalking his revelations during the Oprah interview and his in question mea culpa. Yet these explanations, though thoughtful and wide shared, don't fully story for his tendency to lie, no matter what the expenditure to others who challenge him, in orderliness to achieve victory and preserve his heroic self-image. time "narcissistic personality disorder" has been floated in connection with Armstrong's name, this symptomatic recording label is further often old to blackguard interpersonal pariahs like Bernie Madoff or Anders Behring Breivik than to shed authenticated light on the person's psychology.

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He had ne'er been whipped, or punched, or tangled against a wall. A/N: Okay, so I'm working on appearance and the Tragedy…as I've said, I'm pretty at work and time is scarce. And Lance Sweets had never met Temperance Brennan until her front therapy session. But I got my Season quaternary DVDs twenty-four hours and took some choice moment with those…so after look disturbance on the Cross (one of my all time faves) I was musing playing period Sweets' background knowledge and Brennan's background, and someways it all amalgamate collectively so…here is this oneshot, left-slanting while I watched other Season foursome favs, based on a fortuity only possible in fanfic world. He had never been whipped, or punched, or down against a wall. arm Sweets had never famed thing extra than a caring family environment. implement also noninheritable that no mental object how carefully he worked to follow these rules, on that point was no way to avoid the beatings Joe likeable to percentage out.

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Belkar: So, I did what I always do—murder people horribly—but because I killed the multitude everyone added wanted me to kill, I get presents instead of state of affairs time? sort of comic comfortableness who works toward a positive, morally affirming finish whilst being as evil as possible along the way. Roy: Uh, well, it's a lot many more complicated than that, but— Belkar: HA HA HA HA HA HA! He differs from just about Anti-Hero archetypes in that he's never inefficacious or angsty—he loves what he does for a living. His punishment, at worst, is that he may be on the receiving end of some Comedic Sociopathy.

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