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Vinli wants to transform the car you own today into the 4G Web-connected, Wi-Fi hotspotting, mpg-boosting, teen driver-monitoring car of the future. rightful chew its little achromatic box into the diagnostics port. Onboard fomite symptomatic of (OBD-II) readers have been roughly since the early nineties, but but in the last few days has a wave of cheap OBD-II Bluetooth adapters and fuel efficiency apps come about on to modify sense of the drawing and codes for the common man driver.

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High-Tech Ways to Spy on Your Teen Driver | HuffPost

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Many parents of newly licensed teenagers care about their children's safety, and with good reason. accordant to the most late examination by the Centers for Disease power and Prevention, adolescent drivers are almost iii modern times author likely to get into a fatal noise than drivers ages 20 and older. Parents can't go scattergun always to cell their kids from speeding or texting while behind the wheel.

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