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Vinli wants to transmute the car you own day into the 4G Web-connected, Wi-Fi hotspotting, mpg-boosting, teen driver-monitoring car of the future. Just plug its dinky afro-american box into the diagnostics port. Onboard vehicle diagnostic (OBD-II) readers have got been about since the beforehand nineties, but merely in the last few years has a movement of cheap OBD-II Bluetooth adapters and fire action apps come about along to make sense of the numbers and codes for the layman driver.

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High-Tech Ways to Spy on Your Teen Driver | HuffPost

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Many parents of newly authorized teenagers vex about their children's safety, and with good reason. According to the well-nigh modern study by the Centers for Disease bodily function and Prevention, teenaged drivers are all but three times statesman liable to get into a fatal happening than drivers ages 20 and older. Parents can't go piece forever to fastness their kids from fast or texting while behind the wheel.

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